50 Cent Comics – New Mutants #25 (2011)

Next on in my long line of 50 cent comics is New Mutants #25. This issue is from 2011, not from the original run.

There’s quite a bit going on in this issue. It opens with the team (or part of it anyway) containing a Nimrod infestation at an auto factory.

Meanwhile, Illyana is being put on trial of a sort for her recent deception of the X-Men in using them to help her clean out Limbo. Something about putting all of reality at risk…that sort of thing. In the end, they decide to lock her up.

By the end, Dani (a.k.a. Moonstar) is put in charge of the team by Cyclops and sent to hunt down Nate Gray. But, as you can see, he’s busy being held captive and tortured.