TV Gamer (April 1984)

Source: TV Gamer – April 1984

TV Gamer was a U.K. based gaming magazine from the mid 1980s. I suppose it was a competitor to C&VG but only for a relatively short time. TV Gamer was only published for about two years with the last couple of issues being incorporated in to Big K. The April 1984 issue includes:

Cover Feature

  • Space cockpit games – Off this month into outer space, we take a look at the universe from the front viewport of your own craft.

In Depth Reviews

  • Yar’s Revenge – Follow the exploits of the world’s most lethal fly in his life-or-death struggle against the merciless Qotile and its deadly Swirl.
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark – We give a map and game-plan for one of the most perplexing games ever produced for the VCS.

The Arcade Scene

  • New Coin-op Games – Andy Harris has gone round to his local arcade armed with a barrel of tenpences to try out the latest, dazzling games.


  • The Sinclair computers – TV Gamer’s Darrin Williamson takes a look at four remarkable Sinclair computers and the incredible range of games software available for one of the, the ZX Spectrum.


  • Prize Quiz – Here’s a chance to win Britain’s most popular home computer, the ZX Spectrum, with valuable peripherals and games software.

Special Feature

  • Adventure Games – Look at your computer again and say “there’s a whole new world in there”, because, as Mike Lewis explains, this could be your chance to hobnob with hobbits and wisecrack with wizards.


  • The Champs – Karl Dallas has been talking to the Atari world champs, and they’re both British.


  • The new games – A fresh look at the latest carts and cassettes hot off the distributors’ shelves.

Games Governments Play

  • Battlefield video – This month Mike Roberts reveals the incredible electronic toys that the military can use to train soldiers while saving on weapons.


  • Games are OK – In answer to the games knockers here’s some hard evidence that video games are good for you.


  • Editorial
  • News
  • Late news
  • Top 20 video games and top 10 arcades
  • Top scores
  • TV Gamer club
  • Advertisers, What’s coming

…and more!