Tekken 3 (PlayStation)

Tekken 3 (PlayStation)


Tekken 3 was released as an arcade game in 1996 and then ported to the PlayStation the following year. While fighting games, particularly 3D fighting games, were never really among my favorite genres, Tekken 3 is an excellent example and one of the best and best-selling games in this genre. It frequently comes in high on lists of top games of all time and has the sales numbers to back that up.

Tekken 3, as the name would suggest, is the 3rd game in the series. Tekken 3 wasn’t really much of a departure from the previous games in the series. It of course had better graphics and sound but the game play was just tweaked for the most part. Even though the existing game play was mostly just refined slighty, combined with the technical improvements it was enough to make it a notably superior game. If you are looking for a great fighting game then it is hard to argue against Tekken 3.

Tekken 3 has had a couple of re-releases. The original arcade version was included as part of Tekken 5 for the PlayStation 2. If you want to play this game then it might be worth waiting for the PlayStation Mini which is due to be released in December and will include this game. Otherwise, I would recommend tracking down Tekken 5 for the PlayStation 2 as it as the original arcade version of Tekken 3 included without the graphical downgrades of the PS1 port. Either one should be playable via an emulator as well.

Images above are from the PS1 version of the game.