Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (April 1999)


Source: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine – Volume 2, Issue 7 – April 1999

The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine would go on to cover later PlayStation systems too but in 1999 it was still just the original PS1 though there was starting to be news about the upcoming PlayStation 2. The April 1999 issue includes:

  • Year of the RPG – Final Fantasy VIII leads the next wave of RPGs onto your PlayStation this year – take a look at this month’s cover story to decide which ones are for you.
  • Gran Turismo 2! – It sounds impossible, but the PlayStation’s most brilliant racing game is about to get better. We have early info on this summer’s racing game to beat.
  • Silent Hill Strategy – After you find out that the town of Silent Hill is not the ideal vacation spot, you’ll want to use our strategy guide to get you and your daughter the hell out.
  • G Police 2 – A new chapter unfolds in the G-Police series, which includes many new vehicles and a two-legged attack mech. Take a look at this early preview.
  • Letters – Our readers voice their opinions on the PlayStation emulator issue. Also, someone claims to have stopped Mr. Domino – find out if it’s true or not in this month’s Letters section.
  • News – We’re not messing around here – there’s some really exciting and interesting news regarding the PlayStation 2 and we’ve got the scoop. Check it out now!
  • Previews – There’s lots of sequels this month including Croc 2, Point Blank 2 and Bloody Roar 2. Plus we check out Alien Resurrection, Ehrgeiz, Fighter Maker, Driver and Triple Play 2000.
  • International – The PocketStation has been released in Japan, and we’ve got extensive hands-on coverage on some of the games that work