Wings of Wor (Sega Genesis)

Wings of Wor (Sega Genesis)

The 16-bit era was really the golden age for scrolling shooters like Wings of Wor. This relatively obscure title was released for the Sega Genesis in 1991. The graphics are outstanding, if somewhat disturbing at times, and the game play is excellent.

Not that the story matters all that much but in Wings of Wor, you take the role of Wor who must stop the demons of Iccus from attacking the heavens. Iccus has been taken over by a virus that has mutated into a variety of horrible creatures. It’s up to you to destory them!

This game got very positive reviews and is an excellent game for anyone who loves shooters. It consists of six levels and you get to continue from where you die assuming you have lives left. There are three basic types of shots that you have (basically different patterns) that can each be powered up by making them stronger or increasing the number of bullets. Then there are also several special weapons.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to track down an original to play Wings of Wor and they tend to be quite expensive. Or there is always the emulation route. I’m not aware of any sequels. The original was released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008 but only in Japan.