Amiga Plus (December 1990)

Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – Amiga Plus – Volume 2, Issue 5 – December January 1991

Amiga Plus (or Amiga+) was a magazine dedicated to the Amiga published by the same people as Antic, one of the two big Atari 8-bit magazines. Amiga Plus was only published between 1989 and 1990 so it didn’t last very long. The December 1990 (and I believe final) issue includes:

Disk Features

  • Statistics Cruncher – Analyze the number with your Amiga
  • Do-It-Yourself 3-D Dog – Make 3-D animations that jump from your Amiga screen
  • Killing Game Show – Hands-on demo of the hot new Psygnosis game
  • Killer Chess – You and your opponent move as fast as you can – simultaneously!
  • Rotation – Give your brain cells a workout with this number-sliding puzzle
  • 3-D AnimFont – Flashy, colorful animated 3-D text brushes from Sys-Jam


  • Holiday Holograms Made On Amiga – How we created 3-D picture on this magazine’s cover
  • Amiga Classics – These Golden Oldies still among today’s best products
  • Best Products Reviewed in AMIGA Plus – Our critics’ picks of the 1989-90 crop
  • Producing the AMIGA Plus Art Contest Video Cassette – New horizons for Amiga art video


  • Editorial
  • Reader Input
  • New Products
  • New Users HELP
  • Shoppers Mart
  • Reader Art Gallery


  • Speedy Hard Disk With “Intelligent Buffering” – ICD claims AdSCSI 2000 is fastest Amiga hard drive
  • Disney Animation Studio – Create your own pro-quality Mickey Mouse cartoons easily
  • BaseBoard – Four-megabyte Amiga 500 — on the installment plan
  • Pixound — Onscreen Colors Into Music – Hearing your Amiga art
  • Hoops Amiga – Magic Johnson’s Basketball, Fast Break, TV Sports: Basketball, OMNI-Play Basketball
  • Professional Draw 2.0 – Easy smooth-line drawing with speed, power, and auto-tracing
  • ProWrite 3.1 – New champion Amiga word processor??
  • Xetec’s FastCard Plus – Affordable SCSI hard disk with up to 8Mb fast RAM
  • Quick Shots – Flood, Pirates, Dragon’s Lair II, NY Warriors, The Plague, Manhunter II
  • Vista: Beyond Fractals – Real-life 3-D landscapes, generated on your Amiga
  • DEB Board – Extra video slot for high-end Amiga 2000 expansion
  • AMOS – Mandarin’s fast, powerful BASIC does it all
  • Trackballing on Amiga – Our tester actually traded in his mouse

…and more!