Computer Play, November 1988

Computer Play, November 1988

Computer Play was very briefly a competitor of Computer Gaming World. At the time, it was pretty much the only competitor. However, it was short-lived lasting less than a year between 1988 and 1989.

The November 1988 issue includes:


  • Editor’s Page – Computer Play’s year-end balloting.
  • Letters – More Feedback from Issue #1.
  • Scorecard – Ratings from past issues.
  • Coming Attractions – Next issue’s features.


  • Industry News – The latest titles to look for.
  • Channel Three – Nintendo and Atari releases.
  • Other Ports – Mac and Atari ST news.
  • Snapshots – Brief looks at new releases.


  • Pick Up The Pieces – Tetris: the Soviet import.
  • A Risky Undertaking – An introduction to adventure games.
  • Ice Play – Superstar Ice Hockey skates away.
  • Go Online! – Play online games all over.
  • Duel The Desert Fox – Rommel returns to the desert.
  • Strategy At War – Empire proves to be excellent.
  • Flight Section – Take to the skies in this special section with Tomahawk, Jet, A.C.E., MicroSoft 3.0, Ace of Aces and Gunship.
  • Arcade Crossover – Double Dragon scores a hit.

…and more!