Amiga Resource (February 1990)


Source: Compute! Amiga Resource – February 1990

Amiga Resource was a spinoff of Compute! that covered the Amiga exclusively. It didn’t really last very long, possibly because there were already other well established Amiga magazine by the time it came along or because it was not published monthly, at least at first. The February 1990 issue includes:


  • Amiga Builds a World – Joseph Conti – using the Amiga to mold reality
  • Amiga 3-D – The history and future of 3-D graphics
  • Inside Your 500 – Find out what makes your Amiga tick
  • Globewatch – Investigating the international Amiga market
  • X*PRESS for the Amiga – Get information quick – from your television cable
  • Readership Survey – What do you think about Amiga Resource?


  • The Window – Hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Trends – News, new products, and rumors
  • Readers’ Feedback – European games, opinions, and commercials
  • Spotlight on the Sculpt Series – Hot tips for 3-D artists
  • CLI Clips – Livening things up with escape codes
  • Ask Rob Peck – What is ARexx?
  • Programmer’s Page – Finding a file’s full pathname
  • Best of the Boards – Scripit – phantom fingers on your mouse
  • Amiga Art Gallery


  • Just for Fun – Life of the party
  • Abstractions – And now, a word from our sponsor
  • Taking Sides – Mail-order Amigas


  • Amiga Logo
  • Lords of the Rising Sun
  • Mini-Reviews – Amiga Resource looks at dinosaurs, fiendish clowns, hard disk backup utilities, perplexing word puzzles, a programming language, and more

On Disk

  • Boomerang, NameBase, Req, Amiga BBS List, Scripit, SysCheck, and more