Antic (June 1984)


Source: Antic – June 1984

Antic: The Atari Resource was probably the 2nd most popular magazine for Atari 8-bit computers. It its later years it shifted more focus onto the Atari ST though. The June 1984 issue, which was still a while before the 16-bit ST was introduced, includes:


  • Anatomy of an Atari 800XL – Inside the belly of the beast
  • Exploring the XL – One programmer’s perspective
  • Scroll Your Way to the Top – A short course on coarse scrolling
  • Use BASIC to Animate – An easier way to program your own games
  • Color Finetuner – Adjust your colors to a “T”
  • Antic Pix Furniture – Computing in comfort


  • Inside Atari: Evolution of the XL Computers
  • Education: Alphabet Music
  • Languages: Talk to your Robot
  • Profiles: Activision’s James Levy
  • Toolbox: BASIC – A Variable Approach
  • Game of the Month: Escape From Epsilon
  • Assembly Language: Shortcuts to Success
  • I/O Board
  • Help!
  • Public Domain Software
  • New Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertisers List
  • Listing Conventions
  • Shopper’s Guide