Commander (April 1984)


Source: Commander – April 1984

Commander was a relatively short-lived magazine dedicated to Commodore computers. It only lasted about two years, from 1982 to 1984, and was dedicated primarily to the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 but also covered other early Commodore computers. The April 1984 issue includes:

Education Sector

    • BASIC Training: Beginner’s Introduction to Commodore BASIC Programming – What does a dollar sign mean to your computer? The answer may be worth more than money.


    • BASIC Education: Programming for Learning, Part IV-Getting Into Inputs – Interactive educational programs require well-defined input techniques to accept student responses. Example routines are presented, along with an illustrative program musical ear-training.


    • Electronic Blackboard – In honor of springtime, a variety bouquet of software is reviewd – including a computerized introduction to the C-64, a vocabulary building game, and a multi-level math series.


    • Data Organization for the VIC-20: Part IV – An examination of arrays completes our series on how BASIC stores data variables.


Reviews and Recreation Sector

    • BINGO Caller – A modern way to play one of the most popular games of chance.


    • Along the Adventure Game Trail – What makes a good adventure game? Some crucial features and a few of the best game programs are described.


    • The KoalaPad Touch Tablet: How To Bear With It-Part I: Overview – The perfect input device for artistically-inclined non-typists is reviewed.


    • KoalaPad-Part II: Using “Koala Painter” Picture Files – For advanced programmers-how to make further use of the KoalaPad pictures after they are stored on disk.


    • Rescue – Our Junior Programmer’s contributions this