Digital Archaeology: Codex (Floppy Disk) #8 (part 4)

Still continuing the exploration of the contents of this floppy disk (see the first part here, second part here and third part here). It’s amazing how much information can fit even on a 5.25″ floppy disk when it is all text. This disk is from a batch I picked up at a thrift store a number of years ago. At least some of them were apparently once owned by someone named Connie A. Buys who used to run the “Close Encounters” Special Interest Group (SIG) on Delphi in the mid 1980s.

A specific definition of this SIG was found in a previous document: “This SIG, known as “Close Encounters”, is a forum for the discussion of relationships that develop via computer services like the Source, CompuServe, and Delphi. Our primary emphasis is on the sexual aspects of those relationships.”

Everything was text based from whatever terminal program you used to dial in to Delphi’s servers. Many of these disks have forum messages, e-mails and chat session logs. All of this is pre-internet stuff and I don’t know if there are any archives in existence today of what was on Delphi in the 1980s. In any case, much of this stuff would have been private at the time and some of it is quite personal.

I’m splitting up the contents of this disk (descriptively labeled “File Disk”) since it contains a number of documents, some of which are pretty long. This document (DM1016.DOC) contains more love letters, plans for a couple of hotel meetings in Orlando and St. Petersburg (including an ASCII map), discussion of managing underage interlopers, a request to a Playboy Playmate for an autograph, a trivia contest, a survey and more. Some of the “ARNE” related stuff is also here from the first document from this disk. This is apparently the original log and you can see commands where certain e-mails were saved out to the ARNE.DOC file.


    # From                 Date         Subject
     1 BOS1A::JOEY          10-OCT-1985  Playboy
     2 BOS1A::CABUYS        11-OCT-1985  RE: Playboy
     3 BOS1A::PRINCESS      11-OCT-1985  she's doing it again
     4 BOS1A::RODM          11-OCT-1985  summons
     5 BOS1A::RODM          12-OCT-1985  missed again!
     6 BOS1A::RODM          12-OCT-1985  sex mags
     7 BOS1A::RODM          12-OCT-1985  survey
     8 BOS1A::JOEY          13-OCT-1985  Whereabouts
     9 BOS1A::RODM          14-OCT-1985  reminder
    10 BOS1A::RODM          14-OCT-1985  copy
    11 BOS1A::CABUYS        14-OCT-1985  Close Encounters SIG & Age Restriction
    12 BOS1A::ARNE          14-OCT-1985  arne
    13 BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF    15-OCT-1985  reply to joey
    14 BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF    15-OCT-1985  joey's message
    15 BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF    15-OCT-1985  kids
    16 BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF    15-OCT-1985  kids
    17 BOS1A::RODM          15-OCT-1985  A Special Delivery Copy for you!
    18 BOS1A::ARNE          15-OCT-1985  beinf.g ornery
    19 BOS1A::JOHNWG        15-OCT-1985  Could you please give me an explanation 
   20 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: reply to joey
    21 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: joey's message
    22 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  age question
    23 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  The Question of Age
    24 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  Explanation about Arne
    25 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  dmail exchange with Arne regarding age q
   26 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  sig royalty reports
    27 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: A Special Delivery Copy for you!
    28 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  Weekend message
    29 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  phone calls
    30 BOS1A::ARNE          15-OCT-1985  ages
    31 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  problem & solution to # of mail waiting
    32 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  answer from kaplan
    33 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  Sexual Trivia Contest
    34 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  My *whereabouts*
    35 BOS1A::KAPLAN        15-OCT-1985  RE: Sexual Trivia Contest
    36 BOS1A::RODM          15-OCT-1985  Confession 
    37 BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF    15-OCT-1985  reply to G
    38 BOS1A::RODM          16-OCT-1985  Reservations
    39 BOS1A::RODM          16-OCT-1985  Map
    40 BOS1A::RODM          16-OCT-1985  Surprise look who and when!  read 1
    #1          10-OCT-1985 20:43:34                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::JOEY         "JOEY"
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   Playboy
 I'll make a copy and mail it to you. Have you read the article?
 I wasn't impressed. Maybe you will be.
    #2          11-OCT-1985 17:34:45                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     BOS1A::JOEY,CABUYS      
 Subj:   RE: Playboy
 I haven't read the article.  I'm almost sure tho that it's like several
 others I have read.
 Anyway - not my place to judge   I just need it along with reprint
 permission I hope to get because it's pertinent to the sig.
MAIL> d 1
MAIL> d 2
    #3          11-OCT-1985 21:55:04                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::PRINCESS    
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   she's doing it again
 Marti and joey are in co right now...
 oh well, ppor     oor guy
 cant warn him or would look like sour grapes
 such is life
 au revoir
    #4          11-OCT-1985 23:46:38                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   summons
 My Beloved Darling Connie,
 I was called to the house to make an 'appearance' after being gone so much!
 I was hoping to find you here  but life is not ALWAYS so kind!
 I am still floating around a bit from the amount we have been together!!!
 Oh Darling, I LOVE YOU so Very, Very Much!!!!!!
 I have been advised of the plans for tommorrow night!! and they don't include th
 e Co!
 I will call you as soon as I can!!!
 I have to go for now!
 P.S. When we talk next REMIND me - "To the Hour!"
    #5          12-OCT-1985 15:04:27                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   missed again!
 My Beloved Darling Connie,
 I called your house from my office and Dennis told me you were still at work and
 since you have been working so hard and long on what 
 I assume is the 'bad debts' I decided not to call you at your ofice   fice but should 
 be able to talk to you tommorrow!
 I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I guess that,s it for now !
    #6          12-OCT-1985 18:20:52                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   sex mags
 My Beloved darling Connie,
 I only have seconds to send a survey I started  in reguard to
 tonights conference PLEAS add its basic ?'s to the co tonight and I would LOVE t
 o see the replies.
 You know I would be there if at all possible and I would LOVE to pose these ?'s
 I have one comment to make and that is to ask the woman how many do every time t
 hey find access to 
 an adult mag read it but would never admit how much they read or how often they 
 such mags!!!
 Survey in next message
MAIL> file survey.
Folder SURVEY. does not exist.
 Do you want to create it (Y/N, default is N)? y
Folder SURVEY. created
    #2          12-OCT-1985 18:22:18                                     SURVEY.
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   survey
 1. Do you have or did you ever have a subscription to an 'adult'
 2. Do you or have you ever purchased an adult magazine?
 3. Do you or have you ever purchased adult magazines for at least
    4 consecutive months?
 If  you answered yes to either question 1 or 3 Continue.  If  you 
 answered answered "no" to all the questions got to question @@.
 5. Did you read or view all the magazines to some extent?
 6.  Did  you  purchase  or  receive more  than  one  title  adult 
 7. When viewing an adult magazine did you:
    a.  Look at the pictures
    b.  Read the 'letters'
    c.  Read the articles
    d.  Scan the pages and read what gets my attention
    e.  All of the above
 8. What type of adult magazines have you viewed?
    a.  Adult material - Playboy, Penthouse, Playgirl, etc
    b.   Light  Pornography  which portrays sexual  activities  or 
        subjects    without   'graphic'   language   or   explicit 
    c.  Sex related 'manuals' or 'guides'
    d.    Explicit  sex  stories  with  explicit  language  and/or 
 @@.When time allows and you have an adult magazine available do
    you ever pick it and view it?
MAIL> read 
    #1          13-OCT-1985 08:03:28                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::JOEY         "JOEY"
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   Whereabouts
 Just to let you know, Connie. I will be working nights Monday through
 Friday this week. I can still do whatever you need, will just have to be
 done in the wsee     ee hours of the morning when I get home. The week after, I
 will be on vacation. I will be home through Wednesday and Thr ursday I will
 be leaving for Memphis. Will return sometime Sunday. 
    #2          14-OCT-1985 02:39:21                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   reminder
 From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"  9-SEP-1985 17:22
 To:     BOS1A::RODM,CABUYS      
 Subj:   RE: poetry resend
 Your entire message was so very special to me! ANd of course, I know how
 very special that song is! 
 There's just one thing that would prevent me from posting it and that is a
 legal question involving the copyright of the words.  I'm sure we would have
 to have written permission to pu ost it inthe forum and we will have to
 provide proper acknowledgement to all persons involved in its writing.
 I can take care of getting copyright permission if you can locate an
 address where I can request such - and then we wait for a while - but the
 wait will not change the meaning or our feelings!
 I love you and miss you!  When can b we be together again?
 Love, Connie
MAIL> read 3
    #3          14-OCT-1985 02:55:42                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   copy
 From:   BOS1A::RODM         20-SEP-1985 16:20
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   resend w/copyright info
 So  very  often  today songs are writen with little or no  continuity  to  the 
 lyrics,  the  lyrics are burried by the intensity of the beat or rhythm of the 
 music, but every so often a song 'makes it' that has the beauty that the one I 
 am sending has.
 There is a lot of background to why I am so affected by this song and some  of 
 that  might  have  even prevented my even hearing it but life has  grabbed  my 
 attention and caused me to find new beauty in places I might never have gone.
 Until recently I didn't listen to much music at all and CERTAINLY NOT  country 
 music  but  my life was affected by several people and after emerging  from  a 
 'cave' in which I was hiding I started hearing the words to songs,  seeing the 
 fantastic  things  life  has  to give,  and learned  the  importance  sharing, 
 feeling, and loving if life is to be worth living.
 I  hope that everyone that reads this knows already or will realize very  soon 
 exactly who they would recite or sing these words to and perhaps give them  to 
 that person as the 'flower' for that day!
 ** "You Decorated My Life" (D.Hupp/B. Morrison - Pub. by: Music City Music)
 All my life was a paper, once plain, pure, and white
 'Til  you moved with your pen,  changing moods now and then,  'til the balance 
 was right
 Then you added some music, every note was is place
 And anybody could see all the changes in me, by the look on my face
 And you decorated my life. Created a world where dreams are a part
 And you decorated my life by painting your love all over my heart
 You decorated my life!
 Like a rhyme with no reason in an unfinished song
 There was no harmony, life meant nothing to me, until you came along
 And you brought out the colors. what a gentle surprise
 Now I'm able to see, all the things life can be, shining soft in your eyes
 And you decorated my life. Created a world where dreams are a part
 And you decorated my life,by painting your love all over my heart
 You decorated my life!
  **Written by: D. Hupp / B. Morrison  Published by: Music City Music, Inc.
 Permission to publish these lyrics may be gotten by written request from:
 Mr. Bob Beckham
 Combine Music, Inc.
 35 Music Square East
 Nashville, Tenn.  37203
 Request  should  state  how  reprint is to be used and that  it  is  for  Non-
 Commercial Use.
 (Combine Music now owns all assets of Music City Music)
MAIL> file up   lig   tup
Folder ULITUP does not exist.
 Do you want to create it (Y/N, default is N)? y
Folder ULITUP created
MAIL> A::JOHNWG        15-OCT-1985  Could you please give me an explanation 
   13 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: reply to joey
    14 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: joey's message
    15 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-198rea         select age
2 messages selected
MAIL> read 1
    #1          15-OCT-1985 00:07:55                                         AGE
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   reply to joey
 From:   BOS1A::JOHNMYSELF   15-OCT-1985 00:05
 Subj:   RE: Kids
 Leave it be for now.  However, shouild the subject matter
 warrant, we will simply exclude them by closeing the conferec nce
 As long as they behave, and there is not "sexually related" material
 being discussed, I can't see any trouble.  Otherwise, it might be
 a good idea to explain the why and wherefore of it.
    #2          15-OCT-1985 00:08:48                                         AGE
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   joey's message
 From:   BOS1A::JOEY         "JOEY" 13-OCT-1985 20:47
 Subj:   Kids
 Joyn  hn,
 There are two kids in CLE conference tonight named Glynn25 and wil1.
 They have progiles     files here that ss tate they are 14 and w 13 respectively.
 I haven't said anything to them. Thought I would let you handle that.
 If you want me to say anything to kids on here in the future let me
MAIL>      7 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  RE: joey's message
     8 BOS1A::CABUYS        15-OCT-1985  age question
     9 BOS1A::CABUYS re       15-OCT-1985  Tahe Questiond of Age
     10 BOS1A::CABUYS        15*OUTPUT OFF*
MAIL> read 1
    #1          15-OCT-1985 00:11:12                                        MAIL
 Subj:   kids
 I  will set the membership bits for these two so that 
 they will be restricted to the general information 
 section of the sig.
 As per my previous reply to Joey, I see no harm in them
 being in non-sensitive conferences, though they will have
 to be excluded from certain types of discussions in keeping
 with sig policy and the contract.
MAIL> file age
MAIL> 985 00:16:26                                        MAIL
 Subj:   kids
 Noticing that wil1 has already been set to '0' topic access,
 I have likewise set glynn25 to '0' topic access.
MAIL> file age
    #3          15-OCT-1985 02:13:39                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::RODM        
 To:     CABUYS,RODM        
 Subj:   A Special Delivery Copy for you!
 269  15-OCT 01:21 Noteworthy News
      RE: Most Memorable lines (Re: Msg 263)
      From: RODM         To: CABUYS (NR)
 I REALLY like that line but the ratio doesn't apply 
 I have written these lines that relate to my "long distance love"
 and maybe some others in the sig might relate them to their own
 love relationship
 Always in my heart, Often on my mind, Too seldom in my arms
 Distance has us apart, Time often is unkind, But this never harms
 Such love in my heart, And after the time unwinds, A dream will be ours
    #4          15-OCT-1985 08:22:50                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::ARNE        
 To:     CABUYS
 Subj:   beinf g ornery
 Well, connie, looks like i'm in the process of being canned for  rom the sig...
 guess you're just doin' your job....would "We'll always have Parie s s" be
 laying in t on a bit too thick?
    #5          15-OCT-1985 10:17:45                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::JOHNWG      
 Subj:   Could you please give me an explanation of this?  Thanks, John
 From:   BOS1A::SERVICE      14-OCT-1985 13:28
 To:     JOHNWG
 Subj:   I think ARNE didn't like being excluded from Close Encounters..
 From:   BOS1A::ARNE         13-OCT-1985 00:04
 To:     SERVICE
 Subj:   Close Enc SIG
 Dear Service,
    When I started using Delphi heavily about a mon*OUTPUT OFF*
    #6          15-OCT-1985 18:07:06                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 Subj:   RE: reply to joey
 What's this about? I didn't get a copy of the original message.
    #7          15-OCT-1985 18:07:59                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 Subj:   RE: joey's message
 oops - should have read further before I sent the alst.
    #8          15-OCT-1985 18:28:37                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 Subj:   age question
 I honestly have no reason to *not* believe you about your age.  I was simply
 trying to clear up a misunderstanding before it got out of hand, but it appears
 I was too late to do that.
 I see no reason, now that you have answered my question, to bar you from the
 sig and conferences.  I do regret and apologize for any inconvenience this may
 have caused you, and very much regret that such circumstances have caused you
 to have a bad opinion of us.  Please do understand that I was doing what I
 felt was necessary as Sig Manager in accordance with the terms of my contract
 with Delphi.
 If you wish to discuss this any further, please do call me collect at
 (904)-388-2531.  I do wish I had been on line at the origination of all this
 problem because I would have accepted your offer at the time about making the
 -Connie A. Buys, Sig Manager
    #9          15-OCT-1985 18:33:06                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     @MGRS,CABUYS      
 Subj:   The Question of Age
 It's true that we are having kids show up in the sig.  And it's true that we
 are having adults show up who are offended when asked their age.
 From this date on, I will personally handle any question about age.  Until I
 can handle it, if I'm unavailable at the time of its occurrence, then the
 member is to be treated as any other member of the sig.
 Remember the users are paying our way here.  We must not be harsh, or appear
 offensive or unkind to them and they require handling with kid gloves.  This
 sig is young yet but has a good potential if we cultivate it carefully
 Thank you both co-operation and understanding it this.
MAIL> file age
You aren't reading a message
    #10         15-OCT-1985 18:52:32                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     JOHNWG,CABUYS      
 Subj:   Explanation about Arne
 In my next mail to you, I will send a copies of all mail messages that have
 been exchanged about Arne's age.
 I value your advice on this, so if, after you review it, you feel that I
 mis-handled it in any way, I would appreciate hearing from you.
 Also I would like to talk on the phone with you some time soon if you can let
 me know when you can be available.  (As for me, I'll be out of town from
 Thursday thru Sunday of this week, tho I will be checking on line often.)
MAIL> file arne
Folder ARNE does not exist.
 Do you want to create it (Y/N, default is N)? n
MAIL> file arne.doc
Folder ARNE.DOC does not exist.
 Do you want to create it (Y/N, default is N)? y
Folder ARNE.DOC created
    #11         15-OCT-1985 18:53:00                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     JOHNWG,CABUYS      
 Subj:   dmail exchange with Arne regarding age question....
     #11         14-OCT-1985 19:47:26                                        MAIL
 From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     ARNE,@MGRS.DIS,CABUYS      
 Subj:   Close Encounters SIG & Age Restriction
 Hello Arne,
 It has come to my attention that there is some question about how old you are.
 One of the membership requirements we have in Close Encounters sig is that
 one must be 18 years old or older.
 This information has been included in many areas of the sig, including the
 non-member message and new-member messages available to you when you first
 accessed this sig.  It is a formal part of my contract with Delphi that I
 must enforce to the best of my ability.
 This information is also available to you in the Announcements> Membership
 section of the sig for review at any time and other such notices calling
 *all* sig members attention to this have been posted to be read automatically
 upon entry to the sig.
 Just in case you missed it, tho, I would like to quote as follows:
 "Member*OUTPUT OFF*
MAIL> file arne.doc
    #12         15-OCT-1985 18:56:07                                        MAIL
From:   BOS1A::CABUYS       "CONNIE"
 To:     KELLY,CABUYS      
 Subj:   sig royalty reports
 Hi Kelly,
 I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I've not gotten sig
 royalty reports for August or September.
 Could you send me copies (I know there's very little royalty - money-wise -
 involved but I