Arcade Pro Football / Night Rally (Atari 400/800)

Arcade Plus, in a league above the rest with Arcade Pro Football and Night Rally.

This is a relatively old ad (1982) for a couple of games for the Atari 400/800 by a company called Arcade Plus. The first is Arcade Pro Football and as the name would suggest, it is a football game. The other is called Night Rally and seems to be more or less a clone of the arcade game Night Driver.

I had trouble finding much information on these games, particularly Arcade Pro Football. I think the reason why is because sometime in 1982 (the same year of this add and presumably when these games were to be published), Gamestar bought Arcade Plus. They then re-released these games with some slight changes and under different names. Arcade Pro Football became Starbowl Football and Night Rally became Baja Buggies. It’s not clear to me that the original Arcade Plus versions were released. The dump I found of Night Rally indicated it was a prototype and I didn’t find one at all for Arcade Pro Football so if you have originals, they might be pretty rare.