Commodore Power/Play – January 1982


Source: Commodore Power Play – Volume 1, Number 1 – January 1982

Commodore Power/Play was one of a few different magazines published by Commodore over the years that eventually culminated in Commodore Magazine. Commodore Power/Play focused on gaming and other fun or hobby related things you could do with your computer as opposed to business or productivity uses. The January 1982 issue would have been out more than half a year before the Commodore 64 was released so its focus was on the VIC-20 and to a lesser extent the more business oriented PET line.

The January 1982 issue of Commodore Power/Play includes:


  • Access: Commodore User Groups
  • The VIC Magician – Sleight-of-hand for getting the most from your VIC
  • Play Blackdragon – Our hero fights monsters in The Source’s magic labyrinth
  • A Little VIC Music – A mystery tune from VIC expert Jim Butterfield
  • VIC 20 Helps Deliver the News – A computer whiz kid runs his paper route with a VIC
  • Maryland “VIC-ar” Computerizes Sermons – Somebody up there likes the VIC
  • No More Pencils, No More Books – Learning at home can be fun with these educational