Computer Gaming World, October 1988

Computer Gaming World, October 1988

Computer Gaming World was always the best PC gaming magazine. While it also covered other machines when they were still viable (Amiga, Atari ST and even the Commodore 64 and others as well) you were usually better off with a magazine dedicated to those machines. But for DOS and early Windows games, nothing was better than Computer Gaming World. In 1988 they had been around for 7 years and would be around for a total of 25. I wish they were still around…

The October 1988 issue includes the following:


  • Big Zak Attack – Lucasfilm’s “Zak McCracken” Reviewed
  • Pete Rose Pennant Fever – A Sneak Preview of Gamestar’s Sports Game
  • Rose Hustles The Press – An Interview with Pete Rose
  • Red Storm Rising – First Impressions of the Long-awaited Simulation
  • Star Trek: First Contact – Star Trek Adventure Review
  • The Fool’s Errand – A Review of a Puzzling Adventure
  • Scorpion’s Mail – Hints on Your Favorite Adventure Games
  • Carrier Command – A Review of Rainbird’s Futuristic Battle Game
  • Star Trek: The Rebel Universe – Star Trek Adventure Review II
  • Michael Jordan and CGW Go One on One – Sneak Preview and Interview
  • Educational Games – A Bibliography for Computer Learning Month
  • Working On Those Knight Moves – A Review of Mastertronic’s “Knight Games”
  • Rocket Ranger Saves The World
  • CGW Game of the Year Awards


  • Inside the Industry
  • Video Gaming World (Katz, Kunkel, Worley)

…and more!