A Crappy TV or Replacement Parts for a Rare Arcade Monitor?

This just goes to show you never know what you may find on the side of the road:


I saw a pile of trash on the corner on my way home, so of course I turned my ass around and checked it out. There was a stereo receiver (pass), some DVDs and books (pass), and this sad looking 13″ 1980s color TV half underneath a backpack. Being an unrepentant garbage person, I loaded it right up.

Got it home and cracked open to see what I found. I had a good feeling about this one when I saw the yoke, and got even more excited when I pulled the neckboard and found this:

That’s a CR-24 tube neck, which is used by all color vector displays… This is VERY good.

Tube is 13VBSP22… This rings a faint bell.

Yes! This is an identical replacement for a 13″ Amplifone color vector monitor. These are some of the rarest arcade monitors ever made, because they were specially built for the Atari PAT 9000, which only had a production run of 250-300 — And I have one! Huge, huge, score, I never thought I’d see one of these. It’s terrific to have a spare tube for this rare monitor.