Atari 5200 VCS Converter

Atari 5200 VCS Converter



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  1. The VCS adapter for the Atari 5200 allowed you to play all your Atari 2600 / VCS games on your Atari 5200. The guts were essentially an entire Atari 2600 with the 5200 only being used for power and video and sound output. There were two controller ports on the unit to plug in Atari 2600 controllers and you could not use controllers connected directly to the 5200.

    This add-on came out relatively late in the Atari 5200’s short commercial life. It is only compatible with the later 2-port models though there is a way to modify the 4-port units to work with it. Interestingly, there was also a planned 7800 adapter for the 5200 that would have allowed you to play Atari 7800 games on your 5200. This one was never released. It seems like it would have made more sense to convert in the other direction…