Videogaming Illustrated, October 1982

Videogaming Illustrated, October 1982

Videogaming Illustrated was a short-lived video games magazine from the early 1980s. No doubt it’s life was cut short by the video game crash of the early 80s. Strategy guides designed to produce higher scores in popular home and arcade games of the time made up a large part of this magazine. The October 1982 issue includes:

  • The Keyboard
  • Eye On
  • Close Up: Videogames, the Inside Story
  • V.I.P.: Dallas Cowboy Jay Saldi
  • Supergaming, Part Two
  • Focus On: Isaac Asimov’s “The New Learning”
  • The Further Adventures of Tron
  • Conquering: Space Cavern
  • Conquering: Pick Axe Pete
  • Conquering: Space Battle
  • Arcadia: An Industry Tilts
  • Conquering: Donkey Kong
  • Conquering: Turbo
  • Star Words
  • Computereyes
  • Meet the Original Donkey Kong
  • Facetiae
  • Print Out
  • You Read It Here First

…and more!