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  • Got a License for that YouTube Channel? 

    Got a License for that YouTube Channel?

    Justin Chandler was shocked and confused when he was given a citation for operating a business out of his home without first obtaining a license.

    Unlike many people who run home-based businesses, Chandler doesn’t actually sell anything. In fact, he doesn’t even provide a service. He does, however, run a successful YouTube channel, which, according to officials in Cobb County, Georgia, means Chandler qualifies as a small business owner.

    Internet Famous

    Known to his subscribers as “KOSDFF,” Chandler has become a well-known personality in the world of online gaming. In only a few short years, he has gained hundreds of thousands of social media followers and almost a million YouTube subscribers.  

    Capitalizing on his channel’s popularity, Chandler was able to monetize his views and earn enough money to quit his day job and focus on creating video content full-time.

    While many would applaud his drive and entrepreneurial spi