Space Knights (Atari 400/800)

Space Knights…a game I know next to nothing about and couldn’t find much more on. Space Knights was unique in that it was sold as a book AND game. The book, about 100 pages long, gives the backstory for the game. Or I should say games. The disk that is included is for the Atari 400/800 and really includes 6 games.

At the end of the book are instructions for how to load each game, how to play, and the relevant story excerpt to give you the context of what you are playing. The instructions say that the disk is designed to operate with an Atari 800/48K/Disk Drive Computer equipped with a BASIC cartridge. So I assume that these games were written primarily in BASIC? I haven’t tracked down an emulator image yet to verify that. The game will apparently also work with machines with as little as 24K more manual intervention is required.

I haven’t found any screenshots yet either but I imagine these were fairly simple games graphically speaking. It’s certainly an interesting concept from 1983. I believe