50 Cent Comics – Avengers #345

I grabbed nearly 100 comics at MegaCon a couple of months back for 50 cents each. Avengers #345 from March 1992 is one of them.

This issue drops the reader into the middle of a war between the Shi’ar and Kree. This is “Operation: Galactic Storm part 5”. I suspect that part 1 would put you closer to the beginning. The fundamental problem for Earth is that both sides are using the Sun to power a nearby wormhole for travel purposes. This is causing instability and will eventually destroy the sun if not stopped. This issue opens with the Avengers rescuing the inhabitants of a space station orbiting the sun that was struck by a solar flare.

The astronauts are saved and the most recent Shi’ar ship to use the wormhole is stopped leading to a confrontation. By the end of the issue the Avengers are setting off on a diplomatic mission to try to end the war. Will they succeed? You’ll have to read the next issue… I don’t have that one though.

And there’s plenty of old video game ads here for a bit of nostalgia from the latter days of the NES and the early days of the Super NES.

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