50 Cent Comics – Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #122 (1987)

At this year’s MegaCon in Orlando, I bought a bunch of comic books for 50 cents each and I’ve been posting my score here. Next up is Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #122.

This particular story is titled ‘A Father’s Night Out’ and is from January 1987. It starts off with Peter finding a baby in an Alley. It turns out to be the son of Brendan Doyle, A.K.A. Mauler, a relatively obscure Spider-Man villain. Apparently he had been trying to take the baby from his mother and the mother tossed him out the window to protect him. I say obscure but there’s an interesting history here. Mauler is kind of like Iron Man in that it was a suit of armor produced by Stark Industries. There were a few different Maulers and he participated in the Civil War story-line to a small degree, at least in the comics.

Spider-Man takes the baby to the hospital and prevents Mauler from taking him away. This, as you might expect, leads to the inevitable confrontation. Spider-Man handles him pretty easily (he’s no Iron Man) though wrecks part of the hospital in the process.

There weren’t a whole lot of great ads in this issue but the back cover had this ad for Dungeons & Dragons Set #5: Immortal Rules. I still own Set #1 but I don’t think I ever got any other non-Advanced D&D stuff…

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