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  • 50 Cent Comics – Avengers #345

    I grabbed nearly 100 comics at MegaCon a couple of months back for 50 cents each. Avengers #345 from March 1992 is one of them.

    This issue drops the reader into the middle of a war between the Shi’ar and Kree. This is “Operation: Galactic Storm part 5”. I suspect that part 1 would put you closer to the beginning. The fundamental problem for Earth is that both sides are using the Sun to power a nearby wormhole for travel purposes. This is causing instability and will eventually destroy the sun if not stopped. This issue opens with the Avengers rescuing the inhabitants of a space station orbiting the sun that was struck by a solar flare.

    The astronauts are saved and the most recent Shi’ar ship to use the wormhole is stopped leading to a confrontation. By the end of the issue the Avengers are setting off on a diplomatic mission to try to end the war. Will they succeed? You’ll have to read the next issue… I don’t have that one though.

    And there’s plenty of old video game ads here for a bit of nostalgia from the latter days of the NES and the early days of the Super NES.

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  • 50 Cent Comics – Avengers #311

    Next of from the stash of 50 cent comics I purchased at MegaCon this year is Avengers #311.

    This issue is from December 1989. I still wouldn’t start buying comics on a regular basis for a couple more years and I never really bought Avengers title anyway so I’m just jumping into the middle of the story here. Apparently the story in this issue continues directly from Quasar #4 and Quasar takes the primary role in this issue. This serves as a reminder that there were quite a number of characters that rotated in and out of the Avengers line-up and Marvel still has a pretty much unlimited number of stories they can tell on the big screen if they so choose…though they’ll have to be willing to do it with some more obscure characters. Apparently a whole cast of villains is attacking members of the Avengers all over the place as part of some master plan by some master villain. This is part of an ongoing storyline titled “Acts of Vengeance” and this issue features an attack on Hydrobase which is the floating island headquarters of the Avengers at this point in time.

    I didn’t find this issue all that interesting but the ads certainly were. Clearly this was when the original Nintendo Entertainment System was near its peak as almost every ad is for an NES game or accessory. First up is Operation Wolf, one of the best light gun games of the time.

    Next up in terms of ads is one for Bubble Bobble. One of the best puzzle type games for the NES.

    And here we have a two for one with two games from Capcom, one of the best Nintendo licensees. Strider and Mega Man 2 are both classics.

    Some NES accessories are even advertised. Here we have wireless controllers by Acclaim. Unfortunately, these are infrared and a little too dependent on a direct line of sight to make them desirable in my opinion.

    Another Capcom ad, this time for Bionic Commando. Another classic and another excellent game.

    And for the wrestling fans we have World Championship Wrestling. Oh, and in cased you missed it, Hydrobase gets destroyed.

    Finally, a non NES ad. This one for some Tiger handhelds. However, they were still based on popular NES games. I don’t think that in most cases they translated well to a black and white LCD game though.

    One of the more interesting ads… This one is for a board game by TSR called Web of Gold. Yes, apparently before there were 3D video games, there were 3D board games. I’m not at all familiar with this one so I can’t say how good it is but TSR made some pretty neat stuff.

    Not sure there was 50 cents worth of story in this issue but there was certainly 50 cents worth of video game nostalgia. R.I.P. Hydrobase.

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  • 50 Cent Comics – Avengers #255

    I’ve been attending MegaCon in Orlando since 1999. Mostly I go for the panels but I’ll usually pick up at least one thing in the show room as a souvenir before I go home. Often, I look for cheap comics. This year I found an especially good deal as someone was trying to unload everything they had left at 50 cents each or even cheaper if you wanted a whole long box full. Obviously there’s not going to be mint copies of key issues here but it’s fun to grab a bunch of old comics to flip through and read. Especially at less than the 35 year old cover price.

    First up is issue number #255 of avengers from May 1985. You can tell a comic book’s age by its cover price. 65 cents is slightly before my time as the first ones I remember buying were 75 cents.

    Anyway, some of the story elements in this issue will be familiar to those who know the Avengers only from the MCU. Vision is turning himself in after nearly destroying the world by taking over the world’s computers and Captain Marvel is off to investigate the derelict ship of Thanos but runs into some opposition when she gets there. Captain Marvel has gone through iterations and this iteration is somewhat different than the Captain Marvel you may be familiar with in the movies.

    Of course it’s also fun to go back and look at the ads. Bonkers was a popular 1980s candy I remember liking. I don’t know exactly when you stopped being able to find it in stores…

    Did anyone every win these prizes or cash (from selling stuff I think) that used to be advertised in every comic book for about 40 years?