Games For Windows (January 2008)


Source: Games For Windows – Issue Number 14 – January 2008

Coming in at just over 10.5 years old, the January 2008 issue of Games For Windows is barely what I consider retro. Then again, the Nvidia 8800GT as the best $250 graphics card does seem like a long time ago. This issue includes:

Cover Story

  • Day of Reckoning – This holiday season’s game deluge makes for our biggest reviews lineup ever: a whopping 30 pages, covering everything from Crysis to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to Hellgate: London to Universe at War: Earth Assault to SimCity: Societies. Plus, a trio of postmortem Q&A interviews with game developers to round out this month’s extra-special reviews extravaganza.


    • Editorial – “Why so low?” Jeff ponders why some folks seem to think 8 out of 10 is a “bad” review score. (Short answer: They’re idiots!)
    • Letters – Readers share their thoughts on when it’s OK to spoil and how Half-Life 2: Episode Two is really just a game of “defend the flag!”
    • Start – Batman gets Lego-ized, Sam & Max gets a second season, Lost gets…uh, lost, and shooter savants get their grubby mitts on your hard-earned cash.
    • Extend – While casual games columnist Robert Coffey rocks out with a handy Guitar Hero alternative, MMO columnist Cindy Yans tries her hand at crafting, and Tom and Bruce go head-to-head in Armageddon Empires.
    • Tech – “Which graphics card to I buy?” is an age-old question among gamers. We address it in this month’s Tech section – and the answers may surprise you.
  • Greenspeak – In 2009, editor-in-chief Jeff Green is going to resolve to be less of a jerk. Too late for this issue, though, in which he offers New Year’s resolutions for everyone but himself!

…and more!