The Itchy & Scratchy Game


Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – GameFan – Volume 3, Issue 3 – March 1995 – – The Itchy & Scratchy Game

The Itchy and Scratchy Game is a video game based on a fictitious show within the Simpson’s. It’s basically a demented Tom & Jerry. The premise is Itchy the Mouse and Scratchy the Cat trying to kill each other in the most violent ways imaginable. The game takes the form a typical side-scrolling platform action game. You play the role of Itchy has he attempts to torture and kill Scratchy.

Simpsons related games in general typically fair better than the average licensed property. However, The Itchy and Scratchy Game is not one of the better examples. There are a lot of Simpsons games to choose from and this is definitely not the best choice. It got mediocre to terrible reviews. It’s a pretty short/easy game and despite the stated goals, it lacks much of the violence and humor that makes up the appeal of these characters.

Interestingly, the ad above shows Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Gear and Sega Genesis boxes. However, only a Super Nintendo and Game Gear version was released. These were pretty similar to each other which is not always the case with games of the same title released on multiple platforms. The Genesis version was apparently completed but never released. The ROM can be found online for play on an emulator if you are interested. I don’t know why it was never released though I suspect the poor reception of the SNES and Game Gear versions combined with being very late in the life of the console (this game was released in 1995) probably contributed.

Screenshots above are from the Super Nintendo version of the game and the ad is from the March 1995 issue of GameFan.