The Graphic Solution (Apple II)


Source: A+ – November 1983

I’m sure “the Graphic Solution” sounded like an original enough name at the time but it seems pretty generic and non-specific by today’s standards. It turns out this was software for creating graphics and animations for presentations. It could incorporate text too so it was basically a predecessor to something like Power Point but for the Apple II. Try to imagine Power Point running in 48K of RAM on a processor slightly faster than 1 MHz.

This ad is from the November 1983 issue of A+ Magazine. It was fairly expensive at $149 (or $10 for a demo disk) but I guess it was reasonable for software that was targeted at businesses. It looks like it did a pretty reasonable job at what it tried to do but I don’t know how popular it was. You can find disk images of it out on the net if you want to try it out for curiosity’s sake.

Here’s the full text from the ad. I especially like the random all-caps words:

“Solve your toughest communication problem with the Graphic Solution, a sophisticated, new graphics package from Accent Software.

With Precise, multi-speed ANIMATION create captivating sales presentations that will both intrigue and inform your clients and customers. Watch their reactions; you’ll see your messages getting through.

Develop educational materials and training aids that MIX TEXT AND GRAPHICS on the screen, breathing new life into abstract, hard-tog-rasp concepts. Mix programs too. Images can be displayed on backgrounds loaded from any of your other programs. Construct custom TYPEFACES AND TYPESIZES to balance the visual elements.

Tired of run-of-the-mill business graphics? Change standard charts and graphics into colorful THREE DIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVES. Add text and animate the data to show the relative rates of change for your most important information. Like cash flow projections. Or revenue estimates.

Plot flowcharts, time and motion studies, industrial process flows with COLOR-CODED ELEMENTS highlighting critical paths. Animate the sequences to show how flows actually progress.

Work with live action? Prepare film and videotape storyboards using the unique FRAME-BY-FRAME graphic sequencer that lets you create and animate a video story before shooting.

Whatever your graphic communication demands – in the business world, the arts, industry, education – The Graphic Solution at $149.95 had the answer. Take a hard look at the Graphic Solution. You’ll like what you see.

The Graphic Solution requires a 48K Apple II with ROM Applesoft and DOS 3.3.”