Outlander (Super Nintendo)

Outlander (Super Nintendo)


Outlander was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo and would have been right at home as a Mad Max license. The theme is much the same. You drive along a post apocalyptic wasteland searching for weapons, food, fuel and other items while you fend off various enemies. In addition to the vehicular battle, there are also some side-scrolling walking around and fighting parts.

Unfortunately, while the theme of the game certainly resembles Mad Max, it doesn’t live up to the standard set by the movie. The graphics on the Super Nintendo have a digitized look and aren’t terrible but aren’t great either. The animation and frame rate seem pretty bad as well. Control is passable but the graphics and gameplay are extremely repetitive.

There was a Genesis version of this game also. The primary difference between the two was that the driving parts of the Genesis version were from a first person perspective while on the SNES they were from a third person perspective. Either way, it isn’t a very good game.

Other than owning a Super Nintendo (or Genesis) there really isn’t any other way to play this game besides emulation. It hasn’t had any re-releases and given the quality of the game I wouldn’t expect any. This is one of those games that would have been really disappointing had you bought it based on what the box art promised.