Computist (December 1986)


Source: Computist – Issue Number 38 – December 1986

Hardcore Computist, or later just Computist, was a long running Apple II magazine that was published in one form or another from 1981 until 1993. Originally, it was called Hardcore Computing. Early on, this was split into two publications, Core and Hardcore Computist. Core didn’t last very long and Hardcore Computist eventually became just computist. While it covered a variety of technical topics for the Apple II, it was best known for publishing copy protection circumvention techniques and parameters.

The December 1986 issue of Computist includes:


  • Cyclod
  • Alternate Reality
  • Boulder Dash I & II
  • Hard Hat Mack (Revisited)
  • The Other Side


  • The Enhanced/Unenhanced IIe – Have you ever wished for a moment (perhaps when running some old software) that your Apple IIe wasn’t enhanced? With this modification to your computer, you can quickly switch between enhanced and unenhanced versions of the Apple IIe.
  • Looking into Flight Simulator’s DOS – Following our softkey for Flight Simulator v1.05, COMPUTIST presents an in depth look at the DOS behind the program.


  • Appavarex – This article details how Applesoft program text is stored in memory and presents a program that documents in what lines of a program variables are used.
  • Installing a RAM disk into DOS 3.3 – If you have a IIe with extended 80 column card, you can now have the super speed of a RAM disk with DOS 3.3.


  • Input
  • Most Wanted List
  • Readers’ Softkey & Copy Exchange

…and more!