Computer Direct (PC, 1987)


Source: Compute!’s PC – Issue Number 1 – September 1987

Computer Direct was a popular (at least based on their advertising) mail order computer company. I remember getting some stuff for my Commodore 64 through them (I think that’s where my printer, monitor and modem came from…possibly the C64 and 1541-II disk drive as well but I can’t remember). They sold Commodore, Atari, Apple and PC compatible equipment.

You had to be a little careful ordering from them as their ads weren’t always specific as to what brand you were getting but I never had a problem getting something I didn’t want (e.g. the monitor I ordered was a Magnavox). In the ad above, the PC was probably one of the Laser XT models but it is unclear what brand the monitor is. The “Big Blue” printer is a thermal printer which isn’t clear from the ad. But their prices were pretty good and they had a 90 day money back guarantee.

The above ad is from the September 1987 issue of Compute!’s PC magazine.