Pokemon Stadium (Nintendo 64)

Pokemon Stadium (Nintendo 64)


Pokemon Stadium was released in North America in the Spring of 2000. The sequencing of the Pokemon Stadium games can be a bit confusing because there was a predecessor to this game in Japan called Pokemon Stadium. Pokemon Stadium in the U.S. was really Pokemon Stadium 2 in Japan and Pokemon Stadium 2 in the U.S. was really the third title in the series. I don’t think North American Pokemon fans missed out on much though. Pokemon Stadium was really an improved and expanded version of the original with a slightly lower difficulty level.

Pokemon Stadium was basically a simple turn-based strategy game in which you battled other Pokemon. It came with a “transfer pak” that allowed you to transfer your Pokemon from the Game Boy Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon games. This was the games most unique feature and also a clever way to sell more Pokemon games.

Pokemon Stadium was one of the best selling games for the Nintendo 64 selling nearly 4 million copies in its lifetime. However, reviews were mixed. The graphics were generally praised but the sound was heavily criticized as was the simplicity of the game. Pokemon Stadium was far less complex that the Game Boy based games which were really role-playing games.

Regardless, if you were a Pokemon fan and had the Game Boy games and a Nintendo 64 this wasn’t a game you wanted to miss. A sequel was released the following year that could use Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal as well as Red/Blue/Yellow.