Basketbrawl (Atari 7800)

BasketBrawl, Atari 7800.



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  1. Basketbrawl was released in 1990 which was pretty late in the life of the Atari 7800. It was one of the last few games released and support for the 7800 was officially discontinued the following year.

    Basketbrawl is, as the name would suggest, a basketball/combat hybrid. Don’t like that foul? Now you have options other than just free throws! Not a bad idea but pretty mediocre in execution. This game was similar to, but as far as I know unrelated to, the Midway arcade game Arch Rivals which would later be released on the NES.

    Basketbrawl was also released on the Atari Lynx two years later but those are the only two systems for which it was available.