AppleWin 1.26.0 (pre-release)


There’s a new pre-release of AppleWin 1.26.0 here:

The main changes are:

– Beta NTSC support
. TV Color, TV B&W, Monitor Color, Monitor B&W
– Full-screen native resolution (no longer 640×480 resolution)
– Save-state file v2: human readable (Yaml-based format)
. All hardware configurations save/restored:
. Apple model, sub-systems, memory, cards (except Uthernet and SAM cards)
. Old v1 .aws file format still loaded
– Added SAM/DAC sound card support
– AppleWin built with VS2008 Express (supports Windows 2000 or later)

We are tagging this release as “beta” as there are big changes in these 3 areas (in order of severity):

– NTSC video rendering
– Full-screen native (not 640×480 resolution)
– Save-state is now yaml format

Although there’s been a reasonable level of developer testing over the past months, the extent of the changes could mean that there are some edge-cases affecting stability or leading to regressions.

Please report any issues you find either here (in cea2) or raise a bug here:

btw. the NTSC support is based on Sheldon’s work from 2011 – thanks Sheldon, we finally got there! :)


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