Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 72 – June 1990


Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 72 – June 1990

Computer Gaming World was the best and longest lasting computer games magazine, particularly when it came to PC games (at least in the U.S.). It also covered other platforms like the Amiga but even non-gaming specific magazines for other platforms probably had more game coverage for them.

Contents of the June 1990 issue of CGW include:


  • Scorpion’s View: Origin’s “Ultima VI”
  • Sneak Preview: “Keeping Up With Jones” – Sierra Races Forward With VGA
  • Balancing the Planet – Chris Crawford’s “Balance of the Planet”
  • Avalon Hill’s “Legends of the Lost Realm” – Role-Playing on the Macintosh
  • Game Technology in the Near and Far Future – High-Technology Text Adventures and Virtual Reality
  • Accolade’s “Gunboat: River Combat Simulator” – IBM Visits The Brown Water War
  • CGW Test Lab: Tandy Compatibility – On Tandy Compatibility and Trackball Use
  • Star Games’ “Rings of Medusa” – Action/Adventure on the Amiga
  • Hitler Turns East – Gary Grigsby’s “Second Front” from SSI
  • Sierra’s “Code-Name: Iceman” – The Navy’s S.E.A.L.S. For Approval
  • The Great One Gets Greater – Bethesda’s “Wayne Gretzky Hockey League Simulator”
  • Tiglon’s “Decision at Gettysburg” – A VGA Wargame

…and more!