A+, August 1984

A _1984-08-000

Source: A+, August 1984

A+ was a long running and probably the most popular Apple 2 magazine for most of that computers life. The August 1984 issue was 188 pages and includes:

Cover Story

  • Go For The Gold – Helping U.S. athletes scale the heights in Los Angeles

Software Reviews

  • PFS:GRAPH – A basic, no-nonsense tool for creating bar, line, and pie charts
  • Words, Facts, and Figures – III E-Z Pieces, a superb Apple III package
  • N-Squared Market Analyzer – A fine tool for investors who favor technical analysis

Hardware Reviews

  • Apple Modems – Data transmission for any Apple
  • Monitors In Color
  • Color Monitors Chart – A listing of color monitors available for Apple computers
  • The Number Nine Board – Ultra-hi-res graphics for your Apple


  • Apple IIc Takes Aim at the IBM PCjr – High-tech battle in the home-computer cosmos



  • Jobs, Software, Shipping News – Specialized databases for information-hungry consumers



  • Electronic U – TeleLearning turns your Apple into a lectern.


  • Shaping Up, Part I – Part I of a two-part review of five shape-utility programs


  • Home Repair Guide, Part Three – The last installment of a three-part guide to cutting down on your Apple II Plus repari bills


  • A+ Programming Contest Winner – SPS: Simple population statistics for students, businesspeople, and researchers


  • How To dBASE II – Part X in a tutorial series on dBASE II, a popular program for database management

The Macintosh Section

  • The Mac Makes Music – Two basic programs that let your Macintosh generate four-part harmony and snazzy sound effects
  • Launching The Macintosh Library – From a literary love song to a dentist’s office ‘snack-book’
  • High-Fidelity Graphics – The George Lithograph SCREENS reproduction process
  • Increasing Software Support for the Lisa – Beyond the Lisa Office System’s seven applications
  • Pipeline – New products for the Macintosh


  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • Dispatches
  • Thoughtware – Circuitry and circumstance: The IIc balance of technology and psychology
  • Applewords – Monitors and displays: a short glossary
  • That’s Entertainment
  • News +
  • Rescue Squad
  • Product News
  • Coming Up
  • Index to Advertisers

…and more!