Nintendo Power, July/August 1990

Nintendo Power, July/August 1990

In the Summer of 1990, although the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 had come out, The Super Nintendo was still a little over a year away (at least in the U.S.) so Nintendo Power was still covering Nintendo’s two original systems, the NES and the Game Boy. At this early point in their lives, the Genesis and TG-16 may have had flashier graphics and sound but the NES still ruled on the quantity of quality games, several of which can be seen in this issue of Nintendo Power.

The July/August issue of Nintendo Power includes:


  • Final Fantasy – Part Two of a giant review! The quest to restore light to the four Orbs continues.
  • Rescue Rangers – Chip ‘N Dale! Two-player simultaneous action! Get into the mischief!
  • Snake’s Revenge – Just when you thought it was safe to blow up enemy headquarters again…Metal Gear returns!
  • Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy – Another thrilling international espionage mission lies ahead for Secret Agent Golgo 13.
  • Solstice – Piece together an ancient Staff in a 3-D perspective maze.
  • Crystalis – The survivors of a nuclear holocaust need your help in a world gone mad. Magic, telepathy and powerful swords play a role in this adventure.

Special Features

  • CES Report
  • Game Boy – Double Dragon and Fortress of Fear are in the spotlight.
  • New Games – Featuring Captain Skyhawk, Dragon Spirit, Starship Hector, Dungeon Magic and Little League Baseball: Championship.
  • Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos – Take a sneak peak at our next in-depth Strategy Guide and get ready for the last word on Ryu’s new adventure.
  • Howard and Nester
  • Classified Information – A Knight Rider Stage Select, Double Dragon II Continue Codes, new puzzles in The Adventure of Lolo 2 and more.
  • Counselor’s Corner


  • Castlevania III – The Count is back! Now Simon’s descendant and three other brave adventurers must put an end to Dracula’s curse for good!
  • Maniac Mansion – Go on a wacky romp through a house full of creepy creatures and peculiar puzzles.
  • Mission: Impossible – The popular TV series with the catchy theme comes to the NES. Get ready for a super demanding assignment.
  • Video Shorts – A look at recent releases including Rad Racer II, Wizardry, Battle Chess, Pictionary and tons more!
  • PAK Watch – Two Marvel Comics characters get their own games plus news on a super game for the Power Glove, a futuristic street fighting game and more!

…and more!