Scholastic (Commodore 64)

Scholastic (Commodore 64).

Advertisement for Scholastic educational software for the Commodore 64 from the July 1984 issue of K-Power.

In the U.S., Apple was the computer company most associated with education throughout most of the 1980s. The Apple II was very popular in schools and the middle school I went to had a lab full of them. However, for a time in the early to mid 1980s, Commodore also competed fairly well in this market. The Commodore 64 had some success in the classroom and at home as a tool for education. There was quite a lot of educational software available for the Commodore 64.

Scholastic was probably the best known producer of educational software on the Commodore 64 and in general. This particular ad has six different titles in it. At the time of the ad in 1984, two were available for other computers but the others were exclusive to the Commodore 64. Interestingly, a few of them teach computer programming and “electronic filing systems” to young kids.

From the ad:

“We really don’t want you to buy Wizware just for the price. Because too many educational programs come with a great price on the outside and nothing much on the inside.

You – and your kids – won’t be disappointed by Wizware. We’ve put everything we’ve learned from five generations of kids into our software. And the result is programs that teach and stimulate young minds like no other educational software.

For example, Wizware uses a child’s natural curiosity to teach the basics of computer programming and electronic filing systems in programs like Poster, Turtle Tracks, Secret Filer and Square Pairs. Young kids especially find all four irresistible.

Double Feature Mystery and Double Feature Adventure stories let kids choose from alternate twists of the plot. And actually make them want to learn how to read and write.

So we’d rather you buy Wizware because of what it does for your children. But, of course, it’s always nice to know that Wizware is one of the most affordable families of educational software for the Commodore 64.

Ask for Wizware wherever you buy your computer software.”



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