Vic Computing, Volume 1, Issue 3, February 1982


The February 1982 issue of Vic Computing

VIC Computing was a magazine published in the U.K. for a couple of years dedicated to the Commodore VIC-20. People mostly remember the Commodore 64 and Amiga when it comes to Commodore but the older VIC-20 was immensely popular for its time being the first computer to sell 1 million units.

The contents of the February 1982 issue of VIC Computing include:

  • On the second day – Martin Jacobs tells you how to get to grips
  • Browsing the Vic chip – Inside the VIC with Jim Butterfield
  • Todd’s Lore – A collection of tips, quips and comments from Mike Todd
  • Vic Rhino – On the horns of a dilemma, courtesy of Tim Duncan
  • Under Review – Vicalc: Davic Pocock explores a programmable calculator
  • Victuals – Programs from readers. All your own work
  • Dear Vic – Readers write
  • How to create your own graphics – A character-building experience

…and more!