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  • Email is ‘Simple, Really,’ Explains 6-Minute Instructional Video From 1984

    The 1980s were a weird time. Say, for example, you wanted to talk to a friend across the country, but didn’t feel like speaking to them on the telephone. The above clip shows you how you could send an “E mail” instantaneously, without having to telephone your friend at all!

    The video also shows you how to connect your telephone to your computer, by using a box called a modem. It’s as simple as using your dial telephone to phone up the computer. “I am now waiting for the computer to answer me,” says the instructor.

    Source: Email is ‘Simple, Really,’ Explains 6-Minute Instructional Video From 1984 | Atlas Obscura

  • Enter – Issue Number 17 – May 1985


    Source: Enter – Issue Number 17 – May 1985

    Enter was one of several computer magazines that was oriented towards children in the early to mid 1980s. None of them really lasted very long. The May 1985 issue of Enter includes:


    • Whatever Happened to the Future? – Take a trip back to the world of tomorrow. ENTER shows you what yesterday’s experts thought life would be like in 1985.
    • At Home with the Future – Now take a look at today’s vision of the future. Spend time with a family living in a 2010 superhome.
    • Light Pen Round-Up – Michael Hart, 14, rates his favorites in this ENTER Buyer’s Guide.
    • Hysterical History: An Enter Quiz – Find out what really did – and didn’t – happen in this crazy quiz on the history of computers.
    • Major League Micros – Major league teams wouldn’t get to first base without Holly and Henry Stephenson’s computer-created baseball schedule.
    • Taking the First Step – Nan Davis was told she would never walk again. Find out how a computerized walking system helped Nan take a first step.
    • Beyond BASIC – From BASIC to FORTRAN. A guide to the most popular programming languages.


    • Bits – A byte of news briefs.
    • User Views – Computer game reviews.
    • Software Scanner – Educational software reviews.
    • Connections – News to use.
    • Pencil Crunchers – Mindbender Maze. Micro-Words.
    • Newsbeat – Hardware & software news.
    • Showbeat – High-tech entertainment info.


    • Enter Center – Your hands-on, pull-out programming section. Featuring BASIC Training programs for 9 computers, Ask ENTER, Pencil Crunchers, and more.

    …and more!