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  • Brevard County deputy shoots, kills dog in front of toddler, family says

    A Merritt Island family is looking for answers Monday after they say a Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed their family dog.

    The sheriff’s office says they responded to the neighborhood after someone called 911 reporting a toddler was left unattended and wandering around near the street, but the family says the mother was in the car port and knew where the 2-year-old was the entire time.

    “There is no reason why he should’ve done that. What he should’ve done is talk to the person in the car port that was 15 feet away. It was totally uncalled for,” said neighbor Josh Petelle.

    According to the sheriff’s office, the dog was acting aggressive when the deputy approached the young boy, but family members say Brownie, a 5-year-old female pit bull, has always been protective of all 5 kids, especially the youngest, who witnesses say was just feet from where the deputy fired his shots.

    When the deputy arrived, witnesses said the deputy walked up to the home with his gun drawn and fired two shots at Brownie, feet from where they 2-year-old boy was sitting in his stroller.

    “The dog’s first thought is hey you’re walking up to me with a gun and the dog growls. The dog didn’t lunge at him, the dog didn’t do anything. The dog just growled and then he put two bullets in him,” said family member Robert Gringas.

    The family says they’re relieved the toddler wasn’t injured, but are left wondering why the deputy felt he needed to pull the trigger, killing their family pet.

    “It’s very sad because we had her for so long,” said 12-year-old Jordan.

    The 2-year-old was not injured and the family says they will be filing a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

    The deputy finished his shift and won’t be put on administrative leave, according to BCSO.

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  • FDLE documents reveal new details of Needelman, BlueWare relationship

    Then-Brevard County Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman and associate Matt Dupree participated in an elaborate scheme to deliver an $8.52 million document-scanning contract to a Melbourne company that might not have been qualified to receive it, newly released documents indicate.

    The 179 pages of documents released Tuesday by the State Attorney’s Office include summaries of interviews by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with key figures in the case, as well summaries of financial records prosecutors plan to use as evidence..

    Needelman, Dupree and BlueWare Chief Executive Officer Ross Harr face multiple felony charges in the case. A key allegation is that Needelman steered the contract to scan millions of pages of court documents to BlueWare in return for illegal campaign contributions to his unsuccessful 2012 re-election campaign.

    In interviews with FDLE, Dupree said BlueWare paid him $5,000 a month “in exchange for making introductions to local officials and help BlueWare relocate to Brevard County.” Ultimately, Dupree said he received $130,000 to $140,000, including a one-time payment of $90,000.

    Dupree said he helped introduce BlueWare to Needelman and his staff, as well as to officials of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

    The economic development agency later helped BlueWare in the process of qualifying for about $1.8 million in state, county and Melbourne incentives for locating in Melbourne, and its promise to add 190 jobs. The company never received those incentives because it did not meet its job-creation and capital-investment goals.

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