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  • Decade-old disciplinary records become sheriff’s race issue

    Brevard County voters are likely to choose a new sheriff in two weeks as it has become a two-man race between Republican candidates.

    Former Florida Department of Law Enforcement Chief Agent Wayne Ivey wants to stop crime before it starts. Crime prevention is his theme.

    “I don’t want people to become victims. We’ll put in new ways to communicate with citizens and prevent crime,” he said.

    Ivey jumped into the race as the favorite, with the most money and endorsements. Since then, Sheriff’s Lt. Todd Maddox has gained momentum.

    “I can put more deputies on the street for less money,” he said.

    But Maddox’s disciplinary file has become a hot topic with campaign insiders, and the file is spreading on social media.

    Pictures in the 12-year-old file show bruises on Maddox’s girlfriend. Maddox was suspended for leaving his gun in her home when she was suicidal and for driving his patrol car after drinking, although he was not drunk. The file said he could have been prosecuted for battery, but the victim would not cooperate.

    Full article: http://www.msnbc.msn … sheriffs-race-issue/