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  • Spencer Wilding (MegaCon 2017)

    I’m not sure I had ever heard of Spencer Wilding before I went to MegaCon 2017 and I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it to see him. His current claim to fame is as the man in the suit as Darth Vader in Rogue One. As one of the guys who is taking the place of David Browse, he has some pretty big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, due to failing health, David Prowse is not able to act or even attend conventions anymore. I fortunately got to see him a number of years ago at MegaCon.

    It turns out that Spencer Wilding is from Wales and like David Prowse (and Peter Mayhew for that matter) he is quite tall at 6’6″ (the same exact height as David Prowse incidentally but a little shorter than Peter Mayhew’s 7’3″). While Darth Vader is perhaps his most famous role thus far, he has been in a number of other movies that most people would recognize.

    Among other roles, Spencer Wilding has been a guard in Guardians of the Galaxy, several different creatures in Doctor Who, a Knight of Hogwarts and a werewolf in Harry Potter, a White Walker in Game of Thrones and other similar roles in Batman Begins, Eragon, Stardust, The Golden Compass, Ghost Rider and others. In part because of his size, he often plays the roles of various creatures when a human actor is necessary and/or does stunts. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him back as Darth Vader one day (rumor has it that he may be performing that role in the upcoming Han Solo movie).

    It’s always interesting to go to these actor panels, regardless of how familiar you are with the actor. There are almost always interesting stories that are told or interesting questions that are answered. Despite being someone who would probably terrify you if you ran into him in a dark alley, Spencer Wilding seemed like a genuinely nice guy and it was interesting hearing about his acting experience and other things he had to say.

    Check him out at MegaCon 2017:


  • MegaCon 2017 Cars

    It’s amazing how far some people will take fandom and there’s know better place to see it in action than at a major convention such as one of the ComiCons, DragonCon or MegaCon among others. Look, for example, what some people will do to their cars (from MegaCon 2017 in Orlando):

    Here is a Pokemon car. This particular vehicle (or one just like it) has been making an appearance at MegaCon for a number of years. I play a bit of Pokemon Go now and them but this seems to be taking it a bit far. I have to admit, the VW Beetle seems particularly appropriate though.

    Now this one I can understand a little more. Who doesn’t want a vehicle like they had in Ghostbusters? This is a little bit of a more modern take using what appears to be a relatively modern Dodge station wagon instead of a hearse based on a 1959 Cadillac. A more practical choice perhaps but if I were going to take it this far I would go ahead and take the next step and do it with a hearse, even if it had to be one a little less obscure than the 1959 Cadillac variety.

    Finally, we have my personal favorite car of the bunch, the General Lee. This is also the most true to the original. I mean, you can hardly tell this one is not the original (except after one of those jumps they did in the show the original would probably be in a junkyard). I know, some will say that the Confederate Flag makes this car racist but cars can’t be racist and there was nothing racist about my love for The Dukes of Hazard when I was a kid. And if you disagree, you’re a racist.

  • MegaCon 2017 – OCCC Skywalk

    Source: 20170525 162923

    MegaCon (now MegaCon Orlando since they added a Tampa show) is held annually at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. There are a number of hotels within walking distance but it is most convenient (at least in my opinion) to stay at one of the hotels attached to the convention center via the skywalk. These include the Rosen Centre, Rosen Plaza and Hyatt Regency.

    There is a 2nd floor walkway between the Rosen Centre on one end of the West building and another between the other end of the West building and the Rosen Plaza. Then from approximately the mid point of the West building, a walkway runs across International Drive, around party of the Hyatt Regency and to the North/South building. The above picture is taken from near the Hyatt on that walkway during MegaCon 2017 and is looking out towards the North/South building slightly to the left. The Orange County Convention Center is the 2nd largest convention center in the U.S. (behind Las Vegas) and is a total of 7 million square feet.