MegaCon 2017 Cars

It’s amazing how far some people will take fandom and there’s know better place to see it in action than at a major convention such as one of the ComiCons, DragonCon or MegaCon among others. Look, for example, what some people will do to their cars (from MegaCon 2017 in Orlando):

Here is a Pokemon car. This particular vehicle (or one just like it) has been making an appearance at MegaCon for a number of years. I play a bit of Pokemon Go now and them but this seems to be taking it a bit far. I have to admit, the VW Beetle seems particularly appropriate though.

Now this one I can understand a little more. Who doesn’t want a vehicle like they had in Ghostbusters? This is a little bit of a more modern take using what appears to be a relatively modern Dodge station wagon instead of a hearse based on a 1959 Cadillac. A more practical choice perhaps but if I were going to take it this far I would go ahead and take the next step and do it with a hearse, even if it had to be one a little less obscure than the 1959 Cadillac variety.

Finally, we have my personal favorite car of the bunch, the General Lee. This is also the most true to the original. I mean, you can hardly tell this one is not the original (except after one of those jumps they did in the show the original would probably be in a junkyard). I know, some will say that the Confederate Flag makes this car racist but cars can’t be racist and there was nothing racist about my love for The Dukes of Hazard when I was a kid. And if you disagree, you’re a racist.