Psygnosis Games (Amiga)


Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005
Source: Amiga Plus – Volume 2, Issue 5 – December January 1991 

Psygnosis was one of the more prolific and better known developers of gaming software on the Amiga. They weren’t exclusive to the Amiga as they were well known for the Lemmings series on various platforms, Wipeout on the PlayStation and many others. However, they were one of the first to develop games that really pushed the Amiga hardware as opposed to just supporting the lowest common denominator across multiple platforms.

This particular ad is from the December 1990 issue of Amiga Plus and features three games: Armour-Geddon, Obitus, and Nitro.

Armour-Geddon is not one of their better games. Graphics and gameplay are good but there just isn’t enough to it despite the unique and interesting plot. You are part of a group that was apparently smart enough to build underground shelters before the nuclear war so you’ve had it relatively good, at least compared to the people outside. However, those outside survivors (or their decendants anyway) are a little upset so they are trying to build a laser canon with which to kill you. Your ultimate goal is to collect five pieces of an old neutron bomb to destroy the laser canon with. Along the way you’ll also battle in various vehicles with weapons you develop. It is played from a 3D perspective.

Obitus is an action RPG which starts with you as a history professor whose car breaks down in a storm. You seek refuge in an old tower and wake up in another land. Those that don’t mind making their own maps may like this one as map making is definately a key to success. It played from a first person point of view similar to games like Eye of the Beholder but with 8 directions instead of just 4.

Nitro is a virtual clone of Sega’s Hot Rod but with different tracks and graphics. It is a top down racer that can be played with up to three players. Top down racers are one of those genres that has seemingly gone away which is too bad because it was one of my favorites. Anybody know of any decent modern top down racers?