Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (TurboGrafx-16, 1991)

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, TurboGrafx-16.




One Response to Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (TurboGrafx-16, 1991)

  1. Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu was released by Hudson Soft for the NES in December 1990 and for the TurboGrafx-16 in January 1991 (box art for the TG-16 version above). I am more familiar with the TurboGrafx-16 version and wasn’t even aware there was a version for Nintendo. Given eBay prices, it must be pretty rare. Jackie Chan wasn’t the household name in North America like he is today (Rush Hour didn’t come out until 1998 and that’s really the movie that made him famous here).

    The game is a fairly typical side-scrolling beat-em-up but it got mostly positive reviews. While they follow the same basic storry line and have the same basic play mechanics, there were a number of differences (other that graphics) between the NES and TG-16 versions. Bosses had different moves, there were more bosses in the TG-16 version, special item behavior was different, etc.

    If you like this kind of game, this isn’t a bad one to pick up but it isn’t terribly common so you might not get it cheap.