StarCraft 64 (Nintendo 64)

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  1. Real-time strategy is not a genre that has a lot of representation on the Nintendo 64. Other than Command & Conquer, I can’t think of another one besides StarCraft 64. StarCraft for the Nintendo 64 was released about a year and a half after the Brood Wars expansion for the PC so it wasn’t exactly a high priority for the console either. The good news is that the Nintendo 64 version includes both the original game and the expansion plus another bonus mission.

    There are some legitimate criticisms of this game. The Nintendo 64 version is obviously a port and even though the controls have been significantly adapted for the console it can still be a little awkward. Also, to play the Brood Wars storyline required that you have the 4 MB expansion pack. There are a number of other differences as well but these mostly have to do with removing or reducing cut scenes and other non game play related changes.

    The PC version is definitely the superior version but the Nintendo 64 version is by no means a bad game and if you are looking for real-time strategy on that system your choices are pretty limited. One advantage it does have (if you consider it one) is the fact that it has a split-screen multiplayer mode. For the PC version you would need to PCs in the same room if you wanted two players in the same room.