Sega Saturn Soul Hackers: Extra Dungeon Disc Dump and Save Data

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The Sega Saturn Soul Hackers: Extra Dungeon disc is one of those ephemeral trinkets from 90s Atlus history that isn’t widely discussed in great detail. Part of that is circumstantial; only 1000 of these discs were ever given out by Atlus, making tracking one down in the wild extremely difficult (I’ve only seen one ever in person in the years I’ve trawled through Japanese game stores) and limiting the amount of information that’s on it even on the Japanese Internet. Part of it also has to do with the fact that the content on it was by and large brought over to the PS1 and 3DS ports of Soul Hackers and made accessible as post-game content by way of the Extra Game mode. Compound these issues with the fact that, so far as I could tell, there wasn’t a preexisting dump of this disc circulating around publicly online and you had a relic that could well have remained in obscurity if left alone, which I personally think would be a shame, as it’s a neat little thing in its own right.

That’s why I did some detective work and managed to acquire one of these discs for myself and now I’ve dumped it so that you, the readers, can experience the origins of this side content for yourself. Though similar to the Extra Dungeon that you’ll find in those later PS1 and 3DS version, it’s not entirely identical. Here’s an excerpt from the readme I’ve included in the dump that discusses these differences in detail (at least when it comes to the ones I could find and verify):

-Unlike the PS1 and 3DS versions of Soul Hackers, Extra Dungeon on the Saturn actually lets you play through it without having to beat the game. In fact, all you need is a save where you have your COMP and isn’t currently inside a Vision Quest. I tested this myself and the game will in fact let you proceed as soon as you’re done with the first Vision Quest. This isn’t particularly advisable, though; the demons and bosses you fight inside are still designed for late to post-game level characters. I’ve alleviated this problem for those who don’t have a Saturn save file on hand with a hacked one of my own, which I’ll discuss how to use a little further down.
-In terms of the actual content, there are minor differences here and there between this original version and the one used in later ports. Most notably, the only final boss present is Kyouji from the first Devil Summoner, unlike the gauntlet that sees you facing Raidou and company in the 3DS game. The layouts of the individual mini-dungeons that you visit also seem to be potentially different from the ones employed in the PS1 and 3DS version. At the very least, I can confirm that the final mini-dungeon where you have to navigate through a door puzzle before fighting Kyouji does in fact have its doors laid out a little differently than those later versions, meaning any maps or FAQs you might consult for that room in English are useless unless they’re updated to accommodate this version specifically, which is understandably unlikely.

And there could well be even more to unearth! I just don’t know because I’m not the biggest Soul Hackers expert, as much as I otherwise like that game, so any input from the game’s superfans would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, as mentioned, to play this disc, you need to have a save file on hand that meets the requirements of that first bullet point. I’ve included a hacked one designed for use with the Saturn emulator SSF in the archive linked above alongside the actual dump of the game. It has the protagonist and an Agi-type Nemissa at max level with maxed out stats, the best equipment, and 10 of every item. While there are no demons included, I can confirm that this already way more than enough to beat this content. Consult the readme for more specific directions about how to copy it over if you need it. And while I haven’t tested the game in other major emulators or on real hardware, I figure it should run just fine if you have other preferences for how you play Saturn games.

I think that’s just about it for me. As usual, while you’re free to repost this dump elsewhere, a credit to me, PepsimanGB, would be appreciated, along with a link to the Atlus Atlas (, my Atlus blog where I’m officially hosting it. This archive may be updated in the future to include scans of the printed media that originally came with this disc, but seeing as I have yet to acquire any of it yet, you should simply find the disc dump and the save data.

Have fun with this disc! It’s been a journey getting my hands on this hand given how rare it is, but being able to make this happen has made it all worth it!



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