Gary Johnson is best option for president

Have the standards of our country lowered as far as they possibly can? Are we as citizens actually considering electing Hillary Clinton, a smug individual who acts as if she is above the law, or Donald Trump, a high-strung abuser of women who is a borderline racist?

Instead, I will support a candidate who wants to do the following:

  • Lower taxes and balance the budget.
  • Get our military out of the Middle East and stop being the policeman of the world.
  • Allow illegal immigrants to get work visas and pay taxes.
  • Have a bipartisan Cabinet and get Congress to work with each other.

Gary Johnson is a two-time Republican governor in a heavily Democratic state. He cut taxes 14 times and still left the state with a billion dollar surplus.

He wants to deschedule marijuana as a class 1 narcotic so all the proper medical studies can be done. He wants to repeal Obamacare.

He wants to increase free-market trade, which results in the decreased price of products and services. Plus, he isn’t dogged by scandal.

Waste your vote on Clinton or Trump. I’m voting for honesty and integrity.

I’m voting for Johnson.

Source: Gary Johnson is best option for president — Jeff Salzman | Opinion |