Ron Paul washes his hands of Keynesian, fiscally irresponsible Republican party

On Aug. 31, Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul officially washed his hands of the GOP, just as the 2012 Republican convention comes to a close. Citing the party being no different than the Democrats in fiscal spending and irresponsibility, the Texas Congressman denounced fully that the GOP in its current form was no longer his.

The irony of today’s announcement by Congressman Paul is that it was the Republican party who first rejected him, long before Paul’s decision to wash his hands of the GOP. During the primary campaign season, multiple Republican committees in states across the country used rule changes and local law enforcement to ensure the Texas Congressman did not succeed in winning primaries. Couple this with the fraudulent attempt to keep Ron Paul from being nominated at the Convention by stealing his delegates in Maine, and in other states, and it is no surprise that the soon to retire Congressman has had enough of the corrupt political party he supported for more than 30 years.

Congressman Paul’s assessment of the Republican party being no different than the Democrats when it comes to government spending and Keynesian economic doctrine is easily exemplified in Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. As Chairman of the House budget committee, Ryan backed the raising of the debt ceiling in August of last year, and voted for TARP and the Obama stimulus packages which has increased the national debt by more than $2 trillion. His recent speech on cutting spending is actually just a proposal to cut future increases in spending, and not remove much from the over $1.4 trillion annual deficit.

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