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  • 50 Cent Comics – The Magdalena #6

    Next up in my 50 cent comic book haul from MegaCon 2019 is The Magdalena #6 from 2011.

    The Magdalena is about a descendant of Jesus of Nazareth. A long line of Magdalenas have protected the church throughout its history, one every generation in fact. In this story line, a reluctant Magdalena is convinced to look into a supposed son of Satan.

    In this issue, The Magdalena battles a demon, or perhaps Satan himself, or maybe some other entity… It’s left a little unclear. At any rate, it is revealed (to the reader, not Magdalena) that Cardinal Innocent has been working with the leader of the supposed son of Satan. His purpose was to convince a reluctant Magdalena to work for the Church. Magdalena gets a much deserved break and is relaxing on the beach at the end of this issue.

  • 50 Cent Comics – The Magdalena #2

    Next up from my 50 cent comic book score at MegaCon is The Magdalena #2. This is an Image title that I’m not particularly familiar with. It seems to follow a DaVinci Code type plot line where Jesus has descendants. In this case, the descendants of Jesus apparently have always sacrificed themselves battling demons. This issue is from 2010.

    Even though this is only issue #2, some backstory is still provided. Apparently the son of Satan has been born. That can’t be good…

    Apparently the virtue of modesty and demon slaying don’t go well together. I suppose the artwork would be less interesting that way. But it ends up she has some pretty awesome looking armor. She just isn’t ready yet here. Good thing she was at least wearing underwear…

    Magdalena is apparently not fond of the pope and isn’t enthusiastic about killing a kid but she ultimately agrees to work with him. Besides, she had this convenient outfit ready and it would be a shame if it didn’t get some use. I suspect it probably works a little better for demon slaying than what she was wearing earlier.

    Not many ads in this particular issue and since this is only from 2010 they aren’t as fun to look back at anyway…

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