Dragon’s Eye (Atari 8-bit)

Title Dragon’s Eye
Developer Epyx
Platform Atari 8-bit
Format Disk
Release Date 1981
Description (from the CPRG Addict)

The game takes place on a single map of 40 areas, separated into seven regions: Fel City, Dark Forest, Lofty Mountains, East Plain, Deep Chasm, Ley Land, and West Plain. The player starts in Fel City and moves from area to area seeking randomly-distributed treasures and fighting monsters. Its basic mechanic–visiting discrete areas, searching for items and encounters–would reappear in Wizard Wars in 1987.

Each treasure acquired and each combat won contributes to the player’s overall points. You must return to your origin point in Fel City within 21 days to voluntarily end the game and receive your final score from 0 to 6,000 points, organized on a scale from “Terrible” to “Grand Master.” “Winning” the game is about returning with the titular Dragon’s Eye as one of the treasures, but you can theoretically achieve a high score without it.

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Manual dragonseye-manual.pdf, dragonseye-refcard.pdf
ROM/disk image Dragons_Eye_The_1981_Epyx_US_BASIC.atr_.7z
Other Files Box Scan
Other Platforms Apple II, Commodore PET