Computer Play (August 1988)

Source: Computer Play – Issue Number 1 – August 1988

For a relatively brief time, Computer Play was a competitor…the only competitor at the time…to Computer Gaming World. However, it was never as popular and did not last long. The first issue from August 1988 includes the following:

  • Editor’s Page – Welcome to Computer Play.
  • Industrial News & Views – What’s UP in the Biz.
  • Snapshots – Brief Looks at new products.
  • Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk – A pie in the face from The Three Stooges.
  • West Coast Computer Faire – Change comes to the Bay.
  • The Play’s The Thing – Bard’s Tale III up close and personal.
  • First Star I See Tonight – Review of Ebonstar action/arcade.
  • Run Silent, Run Deep – The Hunt for Red October analyzed.
  • Solitary Fun – Solitaire Royale deals up fun.
  • The Ministry Of Silly Walks – Review of Jinxter adventure game.
  • Just The Facts, Please – Police Quest hits the streets.
  • Warriors Of Destiny – Lord British returns in Ultima V.
  • Dawn Of The Red Sun – Unite Japan in Nobunaga’s Ambition.
  • The Frisbees Of Dreamland – Detailed look at Project Stealth Fighter.
  • Channel Three – Notes from the Nintendo front.
  • Past, Present, Future – Personal views by Roy Wagner.
  • Cast & Crew – A little about our beloved reviewers.
  • Company Addresses – Software game manufacturers.
  • Scorecard – How we review games.
  • Marketplace – Display and classified advertising.
  • Coming Attractions – Next issue preview.
  • Advertiser’s Index – Reader service information.

…and more!